Our offer encompasses conducting post-graduate education, including Master of Business Administration studies, and conducting other forms of education in the scope of raising professional qualifications (such as courses, trainings, etc.).

MBA is the first of the interdisciplinary programmes of advanced managerial competences which we have launched. Our programme uses not only technical specialities, implementing new technologies, but also the achievements of many modern sciences, including: economics and finances, management, psychology, law, social communication and media studies. While creating MBA programme at our university, we used good practices of the best universities conducting MBA in our country and abroad. The philosophy of interdisciplinarity is embedded in every MBA program. The Silesian University of Technology, as every respected university in the world, decided to use its interdisciplinary potential.

The first launched MBA profile is the Industry 4.0. More profiles are being prepared.

We can prepare all forms of education, dedicating solutions for the client in the form of so called tailored training groups.