The task of the Centre is to constitute interdisciplinary research teams for conducting international research.

Main research works are conducted by the International Interdisciplinary Teams of Priority Research Areas:

section a – Computational Oncology and Personalised Medicine;
section b – Artificial Intelligence and Data Processing;
section c – Future Materials;
section d – Intelligent Cities and Mobility of the Future;
section e – Process Automation and Industry 4.0.;
section f – Climate and Environment Protection, Modern Energy Technology

Currently, several thematic Interdisciplinary Teams have also been launched, dealing with:

  • the research on social and technological progress, combining interests of the scientists representing social, humanistic, technical, management and several other sciences;
  • patent applications for the construction solutions related to professional diagnostics, improvement of safety, acquiring soft competences;
  • the research and personal exchange in terms of human factor in aviation
  • qualitative and quantitative research in architecture, in terms of solutions for elder people, networking the society 4.0.
  • the analysis of the Work 4.0., specialist diagnostics and future competences.

We invite you to join us in the above mentioned research work and in creating new research teams.