Silesian University of Technology is a research university, the oldest one with technical profile in the region and one of the biggest in the country. It is present in Gliwice, Katowice, Rybnik and Zabrze. The rankings show that the graduates of the Silesian University of Technology are highly demanded on the labour market and hold important functions in enterprises. The report conducted by Sedlak & Sedlak company shows that every twelfth chairman in Poland graduated from the Silesian University of Technology. The Silesian University of Technology cooperates closely with economic environment.  The main goal of the university is educating highly qualified engineering staff for the modern industry, as well as conducting innovative scientific research and implementing their results.

Solemn MBA inauguration at the Silesian University of Technology took place on Saturday, March 23, 2019 in the residence of the Centre for Incubation and Technology Transfer. The ceremony was attended by, among others, representatives of the university authorities, study organisers and the first year of auditors.

Participants of the first year of the MBA studies were greeted by vice-rector of cooperation with socio-economic environment prof. Janusz Kotowicz – “I am very happy that together we can officially start the latest project of our university in the area of improving managerial staff. We are the witnesses of unprecedented changes taking place in the economy. They pose new challenges for technological companies, mostly for managerial staff. Fourth industrial revolution has brought unusual changes in business, and what follows – changes in managing such business. I am convinced that the studies you have chosen are the best path for achieving the highest level of management. This is a real investment in knowledge, unique skills, which are used for effective management of modern enterprises”.

Among the invited guests showing the potential of our university to the MBA students were: prof. Anna Timofiejczuk –  chairman of the Silesian Centre of Industry Competence 4.0.and dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, responsible for the first MBA profile – Industry 4.0; director of the Centre for Incubation and Technology Transfer  Ph. D eng. Magdalena Letun-Łątka – host of the ceremony; director of the Student Career Offices Małgorzata Sołtysińska-Rąb and Witold Ścieszka from the Science Popularisation Centre. 

It has to be highlighted, that the start of the MBA is possible thanks to prof. Małgorzata Dobrowolska – director of the International Centre for Interdisciplinary Research, the entity dedicated to MBA at the Silesian University of Technology. The professor developed an application for funding from the Dialog programme of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. She is the originator of the entire managerial path and profiling, obtains accreditation for the Silesian University of Technology and builds its brand.

Employees and associates of the International Centre for Interdisciplinary Research have also made a significant contribution to the organisation of this undertaking: Ph. D Marzena Będkowska-Obłąk, M.Sc Jagoda Krzysteczko-Witek and Iwona Flanczewska-Rogalska – head of the Promotion Office.

We invite everybody to join the MBA programme at the Silesian University of Technology.

The programme was developed on the basis of the AMBA accreditation standards (Association of Master of Business Administration) and currently it is subjected to BGA accreditation (Business Graduate Association) which allows to obtain a diploma of recognized international rank. 

The partners of the Silesian university are leading centres in the area of MBA and Industry 4.0., such as Cranfield University, University of Porto, Technical University of Kosice, EA European Academy of Technology and Innovation Assessment GmbH. MBA Industry 4.0., apart from the standard 400-hour managerial education path, offers specialization path (profile path) which consists of 120 educational hours, including study visits at national and foreign companies, meeting with authorities and acquiring knowledge in an interactive way with use of manager games, learning by doing and design thinking. 

MBA Studies Profile 4.0. are realised along with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. The dean and the chairman of first in Poland Silesian Centre of Industry Competence 4.0. Prof. Ph. D eng Anna Timofiejczuk has incorporated a range of technological elements connected with, among others, the process of educating leaders and advisers of the Industry 4.0 . for the MBA Industry 4.0 path. Our national and key partner which provides us, in addition to the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, laboratories and demos is EMT Systems from Gliwice, Engineering Training Center – Competences for Industry 4.0.