“When I got to know that the Silesian University of Technology was the first to open a new field of study in MBA – Industry 4.0, I didn’t have to think long. I have chosen them willing to expand my knowledge, not only the purely academic one, but also to exchange shared experiences. 
The auditors represent various industries, positions, skills and experiences and this makes the classes even more interesting. In addition, the lecturers, being practitioners and enthusiasts of their fields, are able to direct discussions in a way, so that everybody shares their opinions, analyses the problems and discuss business cases.
The diversity of subjects and their programs within the implemented competences is also worth mentioning. Classes in PR & Media or Creating Your Own Image were really a great choice. The skills and guidelines I have acquired are truly invaluable, not only in the business, but also in private life.
I am glad I have chosen the MBA studies at the Silesian University of Technology. I am convinced that this is a valuable investment in my professional development and priceless network of connections”
Sylwia Szyja

“I have chosen the studies at the Silesian University of Technology because I believe they will help me to acquire knowledge, both technological and economic, as well as to increase the level of my soft competences. I hope that obtained connections and skills will help in the future development of my professional career.”
Janusz Gorol

“My choice of MBA studies at the Silesian University of Technology was dictated primarily by the desire to acquire soft competences and to improve managerial skills. I was also very interested in the profile of studies – Industry 4.0. In today’s dynamically changing world, keeping up with technological changes seems to be crucial – whoever does not develop, moves backwards.
The incalculable value of the MBA studies are the auditors, managers representing various industries and different levels of management, exchanging experiences and supporting each other.
MBA studies at the Silesian University of Technology is for me professional and personal development and a valuable base of connections for the future ”
Izabella Brzozowicz

“I have been planning on graduating from the MBA studies for a long time and the opening of this field at the Silesian University of Technology appeared at the right time and place. As a graduate of the Silesian University of Technology I could count on the high quality and level of education, and additionally the subject of Industry 4.0 fits well into my professional career. The studies perfectly complement the knowledge in the field of management and economics, at the same time putting a lot of emphasis on technical issues that are the engine of economic development. “
Andrzej Miozga

“I have chosen the MBA studies at the Silesian University of Technology due to the university’s reputation and position. The more that the specialisation concerned Industry 4.0, i.e. a technological trend that has its source in production processes. The Silesian University of Technology as a leading engineering university in the southern part of the country guaranteed realisation at the highest level. In addition to the specialised subjects of the university related to the mainstream of studies, the university provided exceptional specialists practitioners implementing “business subjects” – economics, marketing, business research, finance, image. Studies are realised in a block system – individual classes are carried out holistically during one or two days of meetings. This allows to focus on one issue and exhaust the topic. Industry 4.0 is an idea that drives the economy of various industries, but also strongly enters into normal functioning – the digitization of processes and society. Completing this specialisation at the MBA studies at the Silesian University of Technology will allow me not only to participate consciously in the digitization process, but above all to create these changes.”

Piotr Podgórski