The goals of the Centre are:

  • conducting post-graduate education, including Master of Business Administration studies, and conducting other forms of education in the scope of raising professional qualifications,
  • conducting trans- and interdisciplinary research for social and technological progress
  • promoting Polish science in the world, especially by supporting publishing activities in highly rated magazines and prestigious publishing houses
  • cultural, organisational and service activity, including acquisition and realisation of the EU, NCBR, NCN, FNP, MNiSW, RPO, ERC projects,
  • organising international conferences, conventions, debates and scientific meetings,
  • developing the research infrastructure,
  • popularising knowledge of interdisciplinary nature, generating the know-how and intellectual property,
  • incorporating remarkable scientists from all over the world, representatives from various fields of knowledge in national research
  • initiating participation of the Silesian University of Technology in specialised projects and programmes of interdisciplinary nature, financed from national and international funds,
  • organising scientific practices, including doctoral ones, especially at foreign universities listed in the first hundred on  the main lists of ARWU, THE, QS,
  • constituting interdisciplinary research teams and conducting research of interdisciplinary nature, considering all sciences,
  • internationalising the research and creating socio-technological innovations,
  • integrating scientific environments and non-scientific ones (economic, political, cultural, representatives of communities) on a national and international scale,
  • integrating all organisational entities of the Silesian University of Technology by constituting design and research teams.

Activity of the Centre has international outreach.