patent iventors

Student Interdisciplinary Research Club of Patent Inventors (reg. No. RD-260/2019/2020), operating at the International Centre for Interdisciplinary Research of the Silesian University of Technology, gathers students of 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree.
The official name of the club in English is Student Interdisciplinary Research Club of Patent Inventors, and its short name is Patent Inventors.

The main goal of the club is to make the students interested in science, research and creative work and to offer the possibility of creating inventions and patents applications of structural and technological nature.

Activity in the research club is oriented on increasing scientific, creative and popularising activity through the cooperation with researchers and social organisations, public institutions and enterprises both in the country and abroad.

Creating their own patent applications, utility models and trade marks, allows the participants of the club to develop their passions connected with innovativeness and creative thinking and to obtain practical skills of creating inventions.

As a part of participation in the club it is possible to obtain by the students the learning outcomes from the fields such as: intellectual property protection, management basics, entrepreneurship, work organisation and ergonomics.

The research club, considering its scope, receives technical sponsorship from:

  1. Centre for Incubation and Technology Transfer of the Silesian University of Technology,
  2. Patent Agent Office of the Silesian University of Technology,
  3. Patent and Standardization Information Centre of the Silesian University of Technology Library
  4. Ph. D eng Jerzy Lampart  –  dean of the Silesian District of the Polish Chamber of Patent Agents.

The main method of working with students is the so called mentoring in which a Team of academic employees, representing various sciences and basic entities, shares knowledge in the scope of preparation of the procedures of national and European patent applications with use of professional administrative support – patent agents, experts of database reviews
Students are incorporated in professional works in the learning by doing process, become a full co-creators and participate in each stage of patent application.

As a Centre, we are governed by the rule of transnationality. We care about extending international cooperation, that is why we invited several experts with experiences in evaluating the patents applications and successes in this area to our team of mentor experts cooperating remotely with the students.

All those who are willing to join in the work of the club we invite to contact us:

Below is the declaration of joining the club:

The research club received the funding as a part of the competition for financing project-oriented education – PBL 

As a part of the I competition for financing project-oriented education – PBL, Competition Commission awarded funding to 31 projects. 

Along with the Decree No. 54/2020 of the Rector of the Silesian University of Technology regarding the Regulations of financing project-oriented education – PBL, as a part of the programme „Initiative of Excellence – Research University”, the minimum number of points required for obtaining the funding of the application was 6. The projects received the funding in the requested amount, not higher than 5000.00 PLN gross.

Competition results.