Interdisciplinary patent teams are the combination of scientists passion and the needs of socio-economic environment. We invite you to participate in solving technical and social issues!

We have many national and European patent applications, as well as many ideas that wait for their processing. What unites us, is the passion for science, imagination, creativity and the will to create system solutions.

Combining the forces through inviting scientists from foreign universities to our teams, including Technical University in Koszyce, Porto University in Portugal, Technical University in Argentina and many others, makes the work go on.

Among existing constructions, there are devices used in the work of occupational and organisation psychologist, in psychological and diagnostics laboratories, connected with safety, engineering improvements in human functioning.

Among exemplary constructions of our interdisciplinary teams are: measuring devices supporting work of psychologist, peripheral devices supporting psychological research, the devices monitoring examined person in the time of diagnosis, the devices for conducting psychological tests and quantitative research, an apparatus for assessing the coordination of divisibility and shifting of attention in simulated difficult physical work conditions, an apparatus for measuring the psychophysical fitness of a human, the devices for conducting psychological tests in terms of professional suitability for improvement of safety at the workplace, the device for creating spatial visualisation of images and figures for the needs of education of people with visual impairment, etc.

We have also developed the solutions from the field of broadly understood simulation and Link trainers from the field of advanced medicine, as well as military and special systems. The ICT security technologies in the field of IoT devices, which become a common trend in our lives, are being developed.

Currently, we are working on demos of some of the developed constructions. We present a comprehensive approach, commercialising our products, helping the clients in the entire process of submitting the invention and patent procedure. We develop trademarks and utility models for some of our devices. We grant a license for the know how.