She graduated from undergraduate studies in revalidation pedagogy with computer science in special education in terms of education and rehabilitation of people with intellectual disability at the Institute of Research on Education and Communication at the Silesian University of Technology. Currently, she studies pedagogic therapy with elements of neuro-education.  
Since 2018, she is actively associated with the Student Council of the Silesian University of Technology. Since 2019, a Coordinator for Promotion in the University Board of the Student Council and a Coordinator for Promotion IGRY 2020. She acts in several committees, she is a Chairwoman of the Scholarship Committee. She participates in organisation of events, trainings and trips.
Twice she participated in the conference: On the paths of research in pedagogy. She is interested in research on human factor in industry. New forms of 4.0. cooperation are new professions not yet existing on the market, requiring employees to acquire completely new qualifications and competences, as well as gradual disappearance of a human factor in the working process. It is a very interesting subject, corresponding to modern realities.
Despite studying humanities, her interests are interdisciplinary. She has always been interested in people and their behaviour, and at the same time she fits well in the world of mathematics and accountancy.  A person that is not afraid of challenges and undertaking new actions. There is nothing impossible for her. She believes that everything depends on involvement and approach. In the Centre, she deals with coordination of the research clubs.