Occupational, organisation and management psychologist, academic employee, associate professor.  An author of 6 monographs, including 5 in English on broadly understood professional work, especially work 4.0. and on changes in Industry 4.0. organisations. 1. Dobrowolska M., 2014:  On the issues of employment flexibility.  Research and conclusions, Difin Publishing House, Warszawa; 2. Dobrowolska M., 2012: Employee and flexible forms of employment – a theoretical analysis and empirical studies, Publishing House of the University of Warsaw, Warszawa; 3. Dobrowolska M., 2012: Psychological aspects of corporate social responsibility in light of social and vocational integration of groups threatened by social exclusion – a case study, Publishing House of the University of Warsaw, Warszawa; 4. Dobrowolska M., 2012: Performance appraisal systems in traditional and non-traditional forms of employment,KMB Press Scientific Publishing House , Katowice; 5. Dobrowolska M., 2011: Flexible form of employment in view of unemployment problems in middle age, Publishing House of the Jagiellonian University, Kraków, 10 book volumes under her own scientific editorship, 5 issues of science journals and over 120 science articles in highly rated journals and scientific works, including 6 in IF journals. She has actively participated in 45 national scientific conferences, 26 foreign conferences, was an organiser or co-organiser of 14 nationwide scientific conferences, 20 scientific symposiums and 4 international conferences. A member of scientific council of 4 nationwide journals, reviewer of 2 scientific journals.

She had been leading 4 national research projects, managing teams of a dozen people, participated in 2 international science and research projects, 3 nationwide research projects co-financed from EU funds, and co-operated in development and implementation of 3 implication projects. The above mentioned projects were related to socio-technological progress.

She managed realisation of 12 aid projects of socio-professional integration, co-financed by theEuropean Social Fund (incl.: UDA-POKL.07.02.01-24-434/08-00; WND-POKL 07.02.02-24-070/08; WND-POKL 07.02.02-24-011/0; WND– POKL.07.02.01-24-040/12-00, WND–POKL.07.02.01-24-041/12-01; WND-POKL.07.04.00-24-012/12, WND–POKL.07.02.01-12-043/09).  She has received many awards and distinctions for her scientific and research activities (including the distinction of the Rector  of the Silesian University and the Rector of the Silesian University of Technology)

Her scientific interests are concentrated around the issues of socio-technological progress, Industry 4.0. and work 4.0. She works on applying the research results to human resources management practice and realises many research projects for the industry. An additional field of her scientific interests is interdisciplinary research conducted in regional, national and transnational dimension.

She has wide didactic experience – she conducted classes in psychology, managing human resources, in the field of work and organisational psychology, flexible forms of employment and new forms of work 4.0., as well as authorial electives, graduate and postgraduate seminars. The supervisor of many master thesis in the field of psychology, two doctoral studies, reviews of doctoral dissertations.

To her name, she has 7 national patent applications and 2 European ones oriented on work 4.0., including peripheral devices supporting psychological research, the devices monitoring examined person in the time of diagnosis, the devices for conducting psychological tests and quantitative research, an apparatus for assessing the coordination of divisibility and shifting of attention in simulated difficult physical work conditions, an apparatus for measuring the psychophysical fitness of a human, the devices for conducting psychological tests in terms of professional suitability for improvement of safety, including at the workplace.

She has 4 licences for science and research works in the field of work 4.0., in particular those related to developing diagnostic tools, psychological test, HR, managing human resources tools, including employee evaluation system along with the instruction, psychological test for the diagnosis of industrial lifeguards, a scale for evaluation of the occupational health and safety environment, diagnostic tool for employees performing difficult and dangerous works in the industry, diagnostic tools package for people at risk of social exclusion, along with the procedure of an individual path of socio-professional integration.

A member of scientific council and co-worker of the Technical University in Koszyce, at the Aviation Department. She has completed several scientific practices at the foreign science centres, including at the Technical University in Dresden, Porto University in Portugal, Technical University in Koszyce, Salta Technical University in the Argentine, European Academy in Germany.

Profesor Politechniki Śląskiej