A scientist, lecturer, instructor, designer of modern solutions of electronic devices. A graduate of the Faculty of Automatics, Electronics and Telecommunications at the Silesian University of Technology. He graduated with distinction and gained knowledge in the field of design and programming of microprocessor systems. He received a doctorate with distinction in the field of Mechanics (Biomechanics) at the Faculty of Mechanics and Technology of the Silesian University of Technology presenting new approach to the diagnostic systems and therapy with the use of Virtual Reality Technology. Former president of the VR Technology company which main goal is implementing solutions using spatial projection and systems for spatial analysis of the movement for the military use. He is an author of own projects of devices like: igniter for explosives, safety switch for mining, device for measuring pain in conditions of paraesthesia, shooting simulators and simulators of tactical actions using virtual reality.

Currently, an adjunct at the Department of Biomechatronics at the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering of the Silesian University of Technology, an enthusiast of technical solutions supporting people’s functioning in the society.  An expert in terms of implementation and use of the Virtual Reality Technology and Augmented Reality in clinical practice. An implementer of 21 science and research projects, reviewer of science articles for Polish and foreign journals, co-author of 130 scientific publications, including 14 ones from IF and 32 from the WoS base (indicator H=7). An author and co-author of over 57 presentations at the national and international conferences. In his practice, he combines professional specialization with creative actions, developing individual and collective potential of the design teams.