For over 20 years, a journalist of TVP SA, associated with the Katowice branch of the company. A reporter, presenter and publisher of the news broadcast of the TVP Programme, a publicist.

In 2010-2016, the director of the news section in TVP Katowice and an author of the weekly socio-political programme Region Forum (special award Silesia Press 2014). Since 2015, a publisher of nationwide programme Głos Regionów (Voice of the Regions) in the Regional Television. An author of many broadcasts series on social issues from the field of labour market, including those related to disabled people (Chief Labour Inspector award, BCC OStre Pióro (Sharp Pen) award).

An author and presenter of cyclical programmes dedicated to the industrial heritage of the Silesia province.

An academic lecturer, to this day associated with the University of Silesia and the Silesian University of Technology. In the past, she collaborated with the WSB University and with the Katowice Business University.

Media coach in the field of public speaking and cooperation with media. A compere. For many years, she has been joining in the fight to improve the quality of life of people with hearing disorders through co-organisation and conducting the International Integration Congresses for Deaf and Hearing Impaired People in Katowice and Częstochowa in 2012 and co-organisation and conducting 4 substantive conferences as a part of system project Teacher’s Competences as a Guarantee of Optimal Child Development. She has been cooperating with the Katowice In Corpore Foundation.

Since 2016, she has been professionally associated with the Silesian University of Technology in which she developed student internet television TV POLSL, and since January 2018, she is the director of the Promotion Office. A member of the University’s Promotion Council and the Programme Council of the Science Popularisation Centre of the Silesian University of Technology.