I am a doctor of humanistic studies in the field of linguistics and an adjunct. As a part of my scientific activity, I conduct the research on discourse in the areas of specialist languages (humanistic and technical), including scientific and popular science discourse. My research is oriented on: linguistics of specialist text and proficiency of writing and communicating with the use of specialist text.

I study the relation between the sender and recipient of the message expressed with help of a text, which character largely depends on the role (interactive roles) that the partners take in the act of communicating, that is: sender: specialist-recipient: specialist, sender: specialist/scientist-recipient: specialist/scientist, relatively sender: specialist/scientist-recipient: specialist/non-scientist, etc.

An additional aspect on which I focus in the conducted research in the act of communication in the field of specialist discourse is an intercultural aspect, which largely determines the achievement of success in professional work.

As a part of the conducted research, I analyse schemes and language scripts specific to specialist text, conventions typical for such text on the level of its structure and content, routine speech activities, including argumentation, evaluation, expressing analogies, adversary relations, including concessive ones, and the use of typical rhetorical terms used by the participants of the transmitted message.

The goal of my research is to learn the specificity of communication with the use of specialist text in order to prepare foreign language learners as effectively and comprehensively as possible for specialised industry communication, because having only an education in the field of translating technical texts does not guarantee a positive result in the activity at the professional level in the field of technology.

To the present moment, I have published one scientific monograph and 21 articles/chapters in a collective monograph.  I cooperate with Technische Universität Berlin as a part of international project  – Deutsch in Fach und Beruf along with:

  1. the University of Opole – Institut für Germanistik der Universität Opole/Oppeln,
  2. Institut für Anglo-Amerikanische und Germanistische Studien der Lucian-Blaga-Universität Sibiu/Hermannstadt, România,
  3. Institut für Sprache und Kommunikation der Technischen Universität Berlin.