Ms mgr inż. Agnieszka Deja (M.Sc eng.) has completed master’s degree studies at the Silesian University of Technology, at the former Faculty of Mining and Geology. During the studies, she was involved in the activity of the Geodetic Research Club „Agrimensor” and received scholarship for the best students. Currently, she continues her activity in research clubs on a voluntary basis supporting the students in both administrative and research and design works.

In 2012, she began the work at the Silesian University of Technology, at the deanery of the Faculty of Automatic Control, Electronics and Computer Science. Her work was related to the student service, for the students of I and II degree, as well as for the postgraduates.  In 2017, she started the work at the Office of Vice-rector for Science and Development. On the new position, she gained further experience in administrative work, got to know the organisational structure of the University and its character, related to the current scientific interests (since 2020, she continues the work at the newly created College of Studies). Her achievements include two published IF papers and several presentations at international conferences.

Within 15 years of professional work, she completed numerous trainings and courses that broadened her experience and knowledge. Currently, she is a participant of the second level of the European Academy of Diplomacy.